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Anticold Cough Syrup
Buy from us a range of anticold cough syrups, most of which are combination medicines, that can treat cough and cold symptoms. These syrups can also treat cough related to COPD, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, etc. 
Multi Vitamins And Multi Minerals Syrup
Multi Vitamins and Multi Minerals Syrup, a protein-fortified liquid supplement, offers essential nutrients for overall health. Dosage tailored to prescriptions. Available in powder or liquid form, it supports immunity, bone health, and vitality. Ideal for those needing extra nutrients, it serves as a convenient solution for improved well-being.
Antacid Anti Ulcerant
Antacid Anti Ulcerant, Pantoprazole Sodium Tablets, comes in 10*10 reams of tablets. Each tablet contains 40mg of Pantoprazole. Dosage as prescribed by the physician. It is a general medicine for ulcers and acidity. Store in a cool, dry place. Directions provided by the physician.
Anti Bacterial Tablets
Bacterial infections of ear, nose, skin, eye and other parts of the body can be treated with anti bacterial tablets. As it works to stop the bacterial growth, it is only recommended for bacterial infections and not viral infections. 
Anti Allergic Tablets
Allergic reactions like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes or nose, can be treated with anti allergic tablets. These allergic reactions are caused due to seasonal change, certain substances, and hay fever. 
Antiemetic Medicines
Antiemetic medicines are used to relieve nausea and vomiting, whether caused by motion sickness, chemotherapy, or other conditions. They work by blocking signals to the brain's vomiting center. These medications provide relief from discomfort, preventing dehydration and aiding in recovery from underlying illnesses or treatments.
Anti Fungal
Funky-150, an anti-fungal tablet, contains Fluconazole. It is non-prescription, suitable for treating fungal infections. Available in packs of 20*1 tablets, it offers a 24-month shelf life. Ideal for PCD Pharma Franchise distribution, it effectively combats various fungal infections, ensuring relief and recovery.
An effective digestive aid called Jpizyme syrup improves the process of breaking down the food so that the food is easily digested. Thus syrup supplies essential digestive enzymes needed by the body to digest food. 
Multi Vitamin Syrup
Buy from us over-the-counter medicine in the form of syrup to meet your bodys vitamins and minerals requirements. Available in 200ml bottle, the syrup improves energy, circulates blood, supports bone and joint health, etc. 
Anti Inflammatory Analgesic Muscle Relaxant
Anti inflammatory analgesic muscle relaxant called nimesulide paracetamol tablet is a combination medicine that provides relief from pain, including arthritis, dental pain, muscle pain, headache, etc.
Anti Inflammatory Analgesic Gel
All muscle pain, joint pain and minor aches can be treated with an anti inflammatory analgesic gel that is topically applied on affected area to instantly provide relief. It can be applied to provide relief from strain or sprain due to sports or running. 

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